Davis Rules
The Girl With Someone Extra
Season Two | Episode 216
Dwight arrives home to find that Erika has called and is coming for a visit. Meanwhile, Gunny enters the living room, clearly sleepwalking. The next day, Skinner tells Gunner about the sleepwalking incident and Gunny tells them that this has happened to him before, on the battlefield when he captured thirty Germans in his sleep. However, Gunny explains that this occurred during the Korean War and that the captured Germans were journalists. Erika arrives and, through a connection via her job cheerleading for the Seattle Seahawks, arranges for Dwight to meet Les Bangston, his favorite baseball player. Les turns out to be a really nice guy and offers to make an appearance at Pomahac School; he also goes out with Erika. Dwight is obviously upset, but Erika insists that she doesn’t want to lose Dwight and that she won’t be seeing Les anymore.
Directed by:
James Widdoes
Written by:
Maria A. Brown
Danny Jacobson
Randy Quaid
Jonathan Winters
Bonnie Hunt
Vonnie Ribisi
Luke Edwards
Tamayo Otsuki
Debra Mooney
Nancy Giles
Ryan Johnson
Nikki Cox