Bill Cosby has always made us laugh by showing us the funny side of life. Now he’s back as the lovable Hilton Lucas, a devoted husband and father, whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself living next to a children’s daycare center and working at a trendy designer coffee shop. With warmth, honesty and humor, Hilton faces the new world of the bewildering ‘90s. Phylicia Rashad co-stars as Hilton’s patient but sassy wife Ruth. Also part of this all-star cast is Madeline Kahn as Pauline, a family friend whose sharp wit makes her every bit a match for the outspoken Hilton. Rounding out this ensemble is T’keyah Crystal Keymán as Hilton and Ruth’s daughter Erica, and Doug E. Doug as Hilton’s nosy neighbor and comic sidekick Griffin.

Number of Episodes: 96
Original Network: CBS
Original Airdate: September 16, 1996
Genre: comedy
Running Time: 30 minutes
Awards: People's Choice