Grounded for Life

Right out of high school, Sean Finnerty (Donal Logue) got his girlfriend Claudia (Megyn Price) pregnant. Now she’s his wife, and at just 32, he’s somehow found himself with 14-year old daughter Lily (Lynsay Bartilson), two little boys, Jimmy (Griffin Frazen) and Henry (Jake Burbage), and a constant struggle between his need to be responsible and his desperate desire to be irresponsible. His judgmental father Walt (Richard Riehle) and devil-may-care brother Eddie (Kevin Corrigan) are no help at all. When they all get together, stories always start to fly. Of course, Sean’s family will never let him finish a story – they interrupt, they debate, they derail, they defend themselves – just like any good family would.

Number of Episodes: 91
Original Network: FOX
Original Airdate: January 10, 2001
Genre: comedy
Running Time: 30 minutes
Awards: N/A